Rink FAQ

Are you open every day?

We are NOT open to the public every day. We are open during set time periods, called “sessions”. We are only open for public skating during these time periods. There is no discount for arriving partway through a session, nor will you be allowed to stay beyond the scheduled end time. See our schedule and event listing for both the session times and any additional hours or activities beyond our usual hours.

Do I have to pay if I am not skating?

Supervising parents and grandparents who are not skating, as well as children 3 and under who are not skating, do not have to pay admission. Should one of these spectators change his or her mind and decide to join the fun, regular admission and any applicable skate rental charges will then apply. Children 4 and up and adults who are not skating but do not fall into those categories should expect to pay admission.

What type of floor do you have?

We have a wooden floor, made of maple, that measures approximately 80′x 180′ (over 14,000 square feet). Most experienced skaters feel a wooden floor is the most desirable skating surface. We also have the only wooden rotunda floor (curved boards) in Minnesota.

Is there a discount for children?

Our reasonable admission prices are the same for all ages.

Is there a minimum age for skating?

Many children are able to start skating between the ages of 2-4. As with anything, this depends on the interest level and physical development of the child. We do not set a minimum or maximum skating age, and we have regular skaters that continue skating into their 70s!

What size skates do you have?

Our regular quad skates go from young children’s size 8 to women’s size 11 and men’s size 15. Inline skates run from children’s 10 to adult 14. For toddlers and young preschoolers, we also have adjustable plastic skates that go over their shoes. Rental skates do require socks to be worn, and tall socks are better than low socks.

Can I bring my own skates?

You may bring your own traditional or inline skates. No “heely” shoes are allowed, nor are scooters. Before being used at our facility, all personally owned skates must be free of dirt, mud, and blacktop. No exposed nuts, bolts or worn out equipment allowed. Skates with a toe stop or dance plug option, or inline skates with a brake, must have those options installed. Skates will be subject to inspection and you should be prepared to rent if your skates do not meet our criteria. In addition, be aware that if you have hard plastic outdoor wheels on your skates or inline skates, you may find them to be quite slippery on the wooden skating floor surface.

Should I try inline skates or regular (quad) skates?

While no one kind of skate is better or worse than another, there are a few differences. Quad (“regular/old-school”) roller skates have 4 wheels set in a box-like pattern and are designed for speed and agility. The wheels are wider and touch more surface area of the floor, providing better grip and agility control. Inline skate wheels are thinner and aligned in the center, designed more for speed than agility. Quad skates are considered easier to learn on since they are heavier and since the arrangement of the wheels provides a more stable base, requiring less balance and leg strength than inline skates.

Can I bring in my own food or drinks?

Like most entertainment facilities, we do not allow outside food or drinks to be brought in. We strive to keep our snack bar prices very reasonable. The only exception is for a birthday cake to be brought in ONLY IF you have RESERVED a birthday party package with us.

Do you serve alcohol?

We do not serve alcohol, nor do we allow it to be brought on the premises. Guests who appear intoxicated may be denied admission or asked to leave.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Skateville has Wi-Fi available for guest use. Please ask for the password at the front desk.

Do you have private parties?

We certainly do! Skateville can accommodate groups of all sizes and ages. See our private party information or Contact Us for more details.

Is indoor skating safe? Do you require protective equipment or waivers?

Indoor roller skating is actually a very safe activity! The Consumer Product Safety Commission has found roller skating twice as safe as a local playground and three times safer than a game of basketball or football. Skating indoors provides a controlled environment with a smooth, clean, well-maintained skating surface, eliminating debris and obstacles that create a high risk for injury. The use of helmets, wrist guards, and knee & elbow pads is optional. We do not require them, nor do we provide them, but you may bring your own if you wish. We do not require waivers. In any activity involving movement, balance, and accidental contact with others, there is some risk of injury, and you assume that risk when you put on skates.