Birthday Party FAQs

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions about Birthday Parties at Skateville.

What does the birthday package include?

The birthday package includes a reserved table, admission, skate rental for each paid party guest that needs it, and a meal served on party-themed paper goods. The birthday child gets a glow necklace and a free pass to come back.  With the deluxe package, the birthday child also gets a Skateville drawstring backpack and tickets to spend at our prize counter, and the guests each get a glow necklace and free pass to come back.  For a complete listing of our packages and what is included in each, please review the party information page.

When do I pay? Is a deposit required?

Payment is requested when you arrive and check-in your party at Skateville. Skateville accepts Visa, MasterCard, or cash. No advance deposit is required for parties held during our public sessions. Private birthday parties, however, do require a deposit.

Can I bring in a cake/outside food or drinks?

You may bring in your own cake or cupcakes with a scheduled birthday party package ONLY. No other outside food or drinks allowed, and NO cakes or presents are allowed for those WITHOUT a scheduled party. Please provide your own cake plates, utensils, candles, lighter, etc., when bringing a cake.  Skateville does not provide or offer cakes.

Is there a cost for adults to attend the party if they are not skating?

Non-skating adults who are parents and grandparents of paid-for guests are admitted free. Others should expect an admission.  A point which people often misunderstand, however, is that if a parent or other adult admitted free later decides to skate at any point during the party, he or she must first come to the front to pay the admission charge that was waived when they first came in and were not planning to skate. The admission charge applies even if you will be using your own skates. If you as the party host intend to pay for any adults who want to skate but are not included in your package count, please inform us; otherwise each adult who decides to skate will be asked to individually pay the admission and skate rental applicable for the session they are attending.

What do we do when we arrive?

When the party host arrives at Skateville, he or she should check in at the admission window. You will be asked a series of questions during the process, such as: Are there changes to the guest list you sent in? Which guests are here now? How many need skate rental?  What time would you like your meal served? Once this information is collected (and, in most cases, payment received or a credit card held to keep a tab open), you will be shown to your reserved table(s). Guests that arrive after you check-in will be sent in to join the party once they have checked in at the admission window. A guest list from you can help ensure that the people you counted are the ones coming in and also makes it easy to identify any “unexpected” guests. Getting a list from you in advance makes the check-in process quicker and more accurate.

How do I get invitations?

What about those “skate helpers”? Are they included?

Skateville does have a supply of SkateMates (like a walker on wheels to assist new skaters with balance) available to rent for $5 each.  This is an optional item and is not included in the birthday package cost. While we have a large inventory, they are rented on a first-come, first-served basis and can sell out on busy weekend afternoons. If you have guests coming that have not skated before, you could inform their parents of this option. Alternately, some parties choose to rent a couple for younger and new skaters and share them among the party guests as needed.

What kind of decorations do you have and/or can I bring my own?

We offer a basic multi-colored table setting, placemats, and party-themed plates, napkins, and cups. You are more than welcome to bring in a tablecloth or your own decorations or place settings if you would like something different or additional. However, we ask that you do not bring in confetti, tinsel-like decorations, piñatas, silly string, or decorative items that will hang off the walls or ceiling. Most of our guests do find that simpler is better. Our building is really one big decoration!

Do you offer goodie bags for the guests?

We do not provide goodie bags, but some parties choose to bring their own.  We do ask that you wait to hand out goodie bags until the END of your party, especially if they contain noisemakers, candy or gum. Another economical, hassle-free, and well-received option some people choose instead of goodie bags is to give their guests quarters for the arcade games or for purchases at the prize counter while they are at the party.  This serves the dual purpose of giving them another activity while they “rest their feet” from skating and a way to put their own bag of “goodies” together. (A zip-type sandwich bag with each child’s name on it works well for this.)

What happens if my guest count changes after I book my party?

We will accommodate any guest count change. Just confirm your total for us when you arrive at the window to check-in your party. If all guests are not arriving together, it is very helpful to have a guest list for us to use as people arrive. If possible, please email it a couple days prior to (or to the address provided in another contact email requesting it for some parties).  The minimum party charge will apply for up to 8 people (7 guests and the birthday child) and a per person rate applies for each one above that.

How long is a party? What if I want to stay longer than the time my party is scheduled for?

Most people schedule their parties to last 2 to 3 hours, depending on the age and the skating experience of the kids, but we leave that decision up to you.  Your party can be as long or as short as you like (within the confines of the session). However, at our Saturday daytime session, we reserve the right to impose a two hour time limit at the party table October through May. If you find you would like to stay to skate longer than that, you may be asked to leave the reserved area or reduce the number of tables you are at in order to accommodate other guests or parties.

Can my party have the rink all to itself?

Having the rink all to yourself is a great way to celebrate and personalize your occasion, especially if you are planning on 20 or more guests and numerous spectators. There are several options available for private parties. Please see our private birthday party information page.

Can guests bring their own skates?

Skates are included in the price of the package for those who need them. Guests may also bring their own skates or Rollerblades, but it does not change the package price.

How many tables will my party get?

Tables are reserved based on the number of PAID skating guests who are getting the party package. We do not reserve tables for non-skating guests/spectating adults. Experience has shown that the kids only sit at the tables for a short period of time, so you may have a full table for a few minutes while they’re eating, and then parents and other guests will have room at the table(s) the rest of the time. In some instances, we may have you at multiple adjacent tables to eat and then ask you to use one “home base” table upon completion of your meal.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

While we like to have several weeks’ notice for staffing purposes, we are often able to schedule parties on very short notice, up to and including the same day if we are not fully booked already. If you are scheduling a Saturday or Sunday daytime party less than 3 days away, please call us to verify availability before or instead of using our online booking form.