And……cue summer!

It’s always interesting to ring in the change of seasons here at Skateville. In the winter we have a lot of evening skating parties and some daytime field trips with school groups, and we have many weekend private parties with scout groups, church groups, and such. This past winter/spring we even had a fledgling roller derby league practicing here! Winter weekends keep us busy with our public skating and our many kids’ birthday parties. As we transition to summer, however, we have fewer evening parties and quieter public sessions. What we do start to have a lot of is daytime summer field trips by school-age care programs, such as Project Kids, Kids Zone, YMCAs, and many others. These tend to be smaller groups scattered throughout the week, so we arrange our open skating hours during the same times since we also have fewer open skaters in the summer. That is why you will see variations in the schedule from week to week and why there can be additions or changes from one time you check to the next. Often when you come in during summer weekdays, you will see a group of young skaters in matching shirts that are on a field trip. Sometimes you will see multiple groups coming and going at different times. Rest assured, most of these groups are small in number, and there is plenty of room for you! Skating is actually more fun for your kids when there are other kids here, too….it just adds to the energy and interest!

Another thing that has been popular this winter and continues to be so into the summer is our private birthday parties. While it’s not for everyone, those that do it find it to be a wonderful experience. When the only people in the rink are those who were invited to your party, you can relax and not have to worry about keeping track of everyone. You can bring the exact playlist you want and invite lots and lots of friends and family.

While we know you have a lot of options for exercise and activities in the summer, we hope you won’t forget about us. We’d love to see you see you now and then… we’ll keep you rolling through the summer!