Refreshed and Ready

If you haven’t been to Skateville for the past year, it would be worth your while to come and check it out as the cool weather settles in and the prime skating season begins. We have been busy making many updates to the facility. Many of you remember coming here as kids in the 70′s and 80′s, and you would still recognize it and get the same vibe, which most people love experiencing again and reminiscing about with others. In the past year, however, the walls have been repainted a vivid blue, raspberry-purple, and lime green. The carpeting was replaced less than a year ago, and there are new lighting effects on the skating floor to add even more pizzazz to the skating experience. Our crumbling parking lot has been completely replaced and striped for greater capacity. We also have some fun lighting effects on the side of the building that faces Highway 13 if you go by after dark. Perhaps the most welcome change has been the complete remodeling of the restrooms. They are now beautifully tiled, with automatic flushing toilets, auto-on fixtures for the sinks, and new high-power hand dryers.

We know there are a lot of choices for family entertainment. But few things compare to the feel of the wind in your face as you roll around the wooden floor, giant speakers blasting your favorite tunes, lights flashing, mirror ball turning. It’s old-fashioned fun for a new generation that can discover the excitement of meeting new friends at the skating rink, getting great low-impact exercise without even realizing it, and participating in something that can become a lifelong activity, either individually or with family or friends. If you have ever watched any of our regulars or our active older adults (yes, you can skate into your sixties, seventies, and beyond!), you can feel the passion they have for this sport and the pure joy they experience while moving around the skating floor.

Come be a part of it…because life is more fun on wheels.