What kind of birthday party is right for me?

Skateville is the go-to destination for about 3 dozen birthday parties per week during the winter months and over a dozen per week during the summer. Although our packages have changed over the years, our commitment to providing a fun-filled experience has not. We have a system that, although not always perfect, has served us pretty well and continues to be refined in order to deliver a memorable experience to each birthday child while making it as easy as possible for the parents involved. We want to use this post to clarify the difference between a standard party and a private party.

For those looking for a standard party, by far the most common choice, we offer two package options (the details of which can be found at http://skateville.com/birthday-parties/ ). These packages get you a reserved table or tables at which to host your party during a time when we are open to the public. During some sessions, you may have the only party occurring. On another day you may be surrounded by other families hosting their parties at the same time. In either case, there will also be people in the rink who are just there to skate, not as a part of any party. While that may sound a little chaotic, and at times it can be, the party atmosphere is strong and the kids love it. They seem to soak in the excitement of the celebratory mood that abounds in every direction. We have had parents tell us this is the third or fourth party in a row at Skateville for their family because the kids love it and the parents recognize it as a good value—and a great way to avoid having the mess and craziness at their own house! Whether you get the basic package or the deluxe package, you can be assured we will do our best to make sure your special birthday child (or children in some cases of joint parties) and his or her guests have an exciting time.

But what if you are looking for something a little different and you’re willing to spend a little more money to get it? What if you want to invite your child’s whole class or a lot of adult relatives or entire families and you’re concerned about the space or about keeping track of everyone? What if you want to play a particular type of music your family enjoys? What if you have a lot of young or inexperienced skaters and you want them to learn in a less busy environment? These, and many others, are great reasons to have a private birthday party at Skateville. During a private party, there is no one in the building that you did not invite. You can bring your own playlist (if you like), and you can choose where to sit, where to set presents, where to display your cake, etc. In the private party option, there are also two styles of party from which to choose (see them at http://skateville.com/birthday-parties/private-birthday-parties/ ) depending on what best meets your needs. Because we are only able to offer private parties at times when we do not have public sessions, we have a limited number of slots available and they often fill up quickly, especially on winter and spring weekends. We encourage you to plan ahead if you want to schedule a private party, although we will certainly schedule them on short notice if the space is available. (On a side note: private parties are good for all types of events beyond kids’ birthdays. We have had going away parties, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, adult milestone birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations, corporate events, family reunions, and others.)

So is it really easy on the parents? It certainly can be. Either type of party can be as simple or as complicated as the hosts want to make it. You can make two trips in from the car with decorations and props, or you can use our brightly colored building and flashing lights as your decorations. You can bring in a custom made multi-piece cake, or you can stop down the street for cupcakes off the shelf on your way to the party. You can let your child invite a handful of friends, or you can invite the whole soccer team. You can assemble meticulous gift bags, or you can give the kids each a handful of quarters and have them go at the video games and prize counter and pick out their own souvenirs. Whichever type of party you have, we encourage you to try to relax enough to enjoy watching the kids have fun—or join in the fun yourself. When they proclaim this was “the best birthday party I ever had”, we want you to be able to agree with them, because those words are sweet music to our ears….!